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Fox-Series Flexo Presses — Mid to Wide Web

Built To Meet High-Demand Applications Using Medium To Wide Width Webs

The Fox-Series flexo presses are designed to handle large repeats at high speeds while maintaining the precise register and product quality you demand.

The Fox-Series flexo presses are available for 60″ to over 120″ wide webs running speeds over 3,000 fpm. Fox-Series presses are available in in-line, stack and central impression configurations.

Rich in standard features, an array of additional options provides you with a cost-efficient way to customize your press productivity for your specific application.

Standard Features on most Fox-Series Flexo Presses
Web Widths: 60 to over 120 inches
Web Speeds: Over 3,000 FPM
Configuration: Inline, Stack or CI
Colors: Up to 10 Colors
Doctor Blade System: Retroflex RADBS Chambered System
Ceramic Anilox Roll
Pneumatic Throw-Off
Quick-Exchange Ink Chambers
Sunday Drives
Side-To-Side Registration (manual)
Optional Features on most Fox-Series Flexo Presses
Precision-Ground CI Drum
Circumferential Registration (manual)
Tension Isolation Nip Roll System
Sleeved Anilox/Plate Rolls
Bridge System For Sleeves
Auto-Flush Systems For Ink Chambers
Gearless Servo Drive System
Sleeve Carts And Lifts
Web Inspection Camera
Unwind (single or turret)
Dryer System (hot air, IR, UV, EB or compressed air)
Chill Section

HD Option

Overall, this is a more robust design with thicker frames and larger roll diameters. The HD Option is typically ordered when larger print repeats and higher speeds are requested.

Ultra Option

The Ultra model features the HD design plus full servo roll positioning, gearless servo drives to the anilox, plate and impression rolls, as well as on-press anilox and plate sleeve changes.

If our standard equipment doesn’t meet your needs, Retroflex can custom design a press, coater or a complete line to suit your specific requirement.
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