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Flexo and Gravure Coaters

Flexo and Gravure Coaters

Retroflex builds both custom and standard coaters for operating speeds up to 3,750 fpm and web widths of 10 to 150

Retroflex single- and two-side coaters are available in direct gravure, offset gravure, kiss coating and flexographic

Reverse angle and trailing doctor blade systems, as well as fountain-type fluid metering systems, are available for
applying nearly any fluid. Temperature controlled rolls and doctor blade systems are available for specialty fluids such
as dry or wet wax, lotions, or anti-bacterial solutions.

Standard Features (most models)
Ceramic Laser Engraved Rolls
Chambered Doctoring Systems
Pneumatic Deck Lock-Up
Linear Bearings for Roll Frames
Optional Features (most models)
Sleeved Transfer Rolls
Temperature Controlled Rolls/Chambers
Servo Controlled Roll Positioning
A.C. or Gearless Servo Drive Systems
Pre or Post Chill Roll Sections
Pre or Post Heat Roll Sections
Tension Isolation Nip Roll System
Unwinds and Rewinds (single or turret)
Drying/Curing Systems (hot air, IR, UV, EB or compressed air)
Common Applications
Primer Coating/Printing inline with Digital Printers
Lotion Coating
Antibacterial Coat
Wet Wax and/or Dry Wax Coating
Tinting/Printing (offline or in line with a corrugator)

All Retroflex machinery comes with component assembly drawings and operating manuals.

If our standard equipment doesn’t meet your needs, Retroflex can custom design a press, coater or a complete line to suit your specific requirement.
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