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Reverse Angle Doctor Blade Systems (RADBS)

Retroflex engineers and builds the Reverse Angle Doctor Blade System (RADBS) with superior features that deliver consistent performance without constant adjustments or maintenance.

Through years of on-press testing, the Retroflex RADBS has become one of the most respected doctor blade systems on the market today when replacing older systems or when ordered new on custom Retroflex presses and coaters.

The Retroflex RADBS can be retrofit to virtually any existing flexo printer or coater.

This unique doctor blade system seals directly on the face of engraved rolls. No special sharp corners or exact face lengths are required – the RADBS fits existing rolls without costly rework.

The entire system is designed to pivot away from your roll using a simple lift lever or an optional reduction gearbox. On-machine blade and seal changes are completed in record time, resulting in less downtime. Complete cavity changes are also faster and easier.

Retroflex offers a better doctor blade system … and a better value!
CAD Design: All plans and order information archived and accessible anytime by our service team providing you with fast and accurate support.
Retrofit: The RADBS can be designed to fit most other OEM blade brackets.
Installation: Detailed installation drawings and/or field instructions always provided. On-site installation services also readily available.
Extra Blades: Every order includes 3 sets of Blades (top and bottom) and 6 End Seals.
“Sunday” Drive Conversion: This option rotates your engraved roll at slow speed and lessens the chance of “fill-in” during down times.
Field Service: Trained and experienced service technicians are readily available for installation and on-site training. Tailored service programs are available to help ensure continued operator proficiency long after installation.
Parts Support: Retroflex provides quality spare parts for every RADBS ever made. Most parts are kept in inventory and ready for quick delivery.


Optional Features
Auto or Manual Wash System
Reduction Gearbox for Pivot Assist
Motorized, Hydraulic or Pneumatic Pivot
Liner Adjustment in Manual, Air or Motorized
Quick-Release Blade Clamps and End Seals
Heating or Chilling Capabilities
Speeds to 4,000 FPM
Stainless for Corrosive Environments

All Retroflex machinery comes with component assembly drawings and operating manuals.

For more information on Retroflex Reverse Angle Doctor Blade Systems or Retroflex replacement doctor blades and seals, please call us at 877.532.5600.

If our standard equipment doesn’t meet your needs, Retroflex can custom design a press, coater or a complete line to suit your specific requirement.
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