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Retroflex, Incorporated
1205 Broadway Street
Wrightstown, WI 54180

Toll Free 877.532.5600
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Email: sales@retroflex.com


Retroflex equipment needs for the Corrugated Market in the following states:
CA, OR, WA, NV, ID, CO, AZ, NM and UT

Please contact Mr. Don La Commare at
Adhesion Sciences Inc.
Phone: 714.742.1413
Email: don@adhesionsciences.com



Anderson & Vreeland Canada ULC
5435 Francois-Cusson,
Lachine, Quebec
HST 3J4 Canada

Toll Free 888.832.1600
Phone 514.633.1600
Fax 514.633.7076
Email: dgreaves@andvre.ca

    General Inquiries

    If our standard equipment doesn’t meet your needs, Retroflex can custom design a press, coater or a complete line to suit your specific requirement.
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