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Doctor Blade Quote Request

The information requested in this form will allow Retroflex to provide you with a preliminary quotation. An on-site inspection/review may be required in order to provide a firm price. All contact info must be filled out. Please fill in other information as complete as possible. Call us if you have any questions.

    General Information

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    General Information

    FlexoDirect GravureOffset GravureOther

    Water BasedSolvent BasedUVOther




    Reverse AngleConventional TrailingOther

    Enclosed Dual-Blade ChamberedOpen Single-BladeOther

    Doctoring Blade Material Specifications

    White SteelBlue SteelPlasticOther


    Trailing/Containment Blade Material Specifications



    Please provide photos and/or drawings of the machine this doctor blade system in to be installed on. 5mb file limit. Acceptable formats: JPEG, PNG, DOC, PDF

    If our standard equipment doesn’t meet your needs, Retroflex can custom design a press, coater or a complete line to suit your specific requirement.
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