Dryers — for Flexo Press and Gravure Coaters

Retroflex engineers and builds standard and custom dryer systems of all types for between-color drying and final drying applications on flexo printing and gravure coating lines.

The expertise to provide the right drying solution for your application:

  • hot air impingement dryers
  • IR dryers
  • UV dryers
  • EB dryers
  • compressed air dryers
  • webs up to 150 inches wide
  • after-dryer chill sections to fit existing machinery or
    as part of a new dryer system
  • systems available for water- or solvent-based applications

For more information on Retroflex dryer systems, please call us at 877.532.5600.

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All Retroflex machinery comes with component assembly drawings and operating manuals.

Retroflex hot air impingement dryers can be designed with different heat sources, including natural gas, electric or steam. Tunnel dryers have internal nozzles with guide-rolls for web support. Between color units are designed to prevent blowout and achieve efficient drying utilizing independent supply and exhaust for maximum control.

Retroflex can also engineer and provide all needed overhead structures, including catwalks, equipment platforms, and operator platforms.

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